Antiques dealers don't have to go the way of the dodo bird...

Always fascinated by history, culture, design, and how those interface with man-made artifacts, we have made a point of searching the world for small, antique objects that have that certain je ne sais quoi. Come visit us any weekend and you'll find fascinating antiques from around the world. Browsers welcome, buyers adored. 

Asian Antiques

Browse our curated selection of cloisonne, hardstone carvings, and porcelain items.

Decorative Accessories

Choose from a selection of lamps as well as items of historical interest to accentuate your particular taste. 

Small Paintings

We have a collection of small period maps, drawings, and paintings as well as icons  and items of religious interest.

Many life forms are actually "on the cusp of extinction", but the same can be said of antiques shops and dealers who sell authentic, hundred year old items. These we have in abundance along with distinctive decorative objects having outstanding historical and design merit.  We make a special effort to have fine, old, meritorious objects, and respect their right to enrich our lives. Every person and every object has a story; our shop attempts to be a living reliquary where you can re purpose antiques as you make them a part of your enriched lifestyle  

We always have "new" old things from distant corners of the world

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